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December 29, 2008
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Zoid Custom - Absolute Liger by Juno-Uno Zoid Custom - Absolute Liger by Juno-Uno
Absolute Liger
Type: Liger
Base Zoid: Liger Zero
Pilot: Jaden Barton

-Double-barrel shot cannon
-Strike laser claw
-laser cannon(tail)
-Absolute Buster(multi-purpose tactical pack unit)
-Multiple micro verniers
-High-output ion thrusters

This liger was built using the most advance technology available on the market, but it's main feature is it's unique back pack system called the Absolute Buster.
The Absolute Buster is a multi-purpose back pack unit capable of offense, defense and general support. One of it's many features is it's valkyrie mode, which transforms the blade units into wings which allows the Absolute Liger to use its powerful ion thrusters to propel itself and even allow it to glide for a limited time. And in this mode, it is also capable of executing high-speed blade attacks. The blades would energize similar to how a strike laser claw would prior to its attack.
The next feature of the Absolute Buster is its vanguard mode. [link] In this mode, the Absolute Liger uses its blades to generate a powerful energy shield capable of deflecting any physical or energy base attacks, including charged particle cannons. And similar to a Shield Liger, it is capable of using this mode as a means of physical attack by ramming into its opponents.
Its next feature is its valiant mode.[link] In this mode, the Absolute Liger extends its blades forward transforming it into an EM cannon allowing it to fire electro-magnetic bolts similar to the Liger Zero X. Along with this mode, by charging up its blade, it allows the Absolute Liger to pierce through thick armor and through energy barriers with ease.

- - - Anyways, this is my entry for a zoid customizing contest held at this zoids forum: [link]

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Dinofreak126 Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
... That looks beastly. Ohmygodjustyes.
MegaDeanomite May 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I was wondering if you were doing commissions? Since it's summer and all?
MegaDeanomite May 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Mind if I use in a fan fiction?
Go right ahead. Just remember to give proper credit of course. :nod:
And thanks for the +watch and fave btw! :thumbsup:
MegaDeanomite May 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks. And welcome.
:meow: I actually had a Rev Raptor but I lost it on the way up to Illinois.
migs308 May 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohh i see Tactical Sword! Great! :D
make me 1 lol
Vert8472 May 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'm lovin this zoid, like a kickass Zero CAS
in what site did you created it
What?? :O_o:
I bought the base model kit and "created" it at my own home, and modified it with my own tools and spare parts.
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